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Masks «Children»

Masks «Children»

Medical disposable masks SENSE kids - "Children", three-layer, with elastic bands
Medical device, registration certificate No. RZN 2017/5257 dated January 13, 2017
A child's body is much more fragile than an adult, so additional protection and prevention is urgently needed. To minimize the spread of pathogens, protect the respiratory tract from viruses, bacteria and other small particles harmful to the body in the environment, it is recommended to use a medical mask. This is a mandatory way to prevent and protect a child when visiting hospitals and crowded places, especially during periods of epidemics. In families with several children, if one of them becomes ill, a mask is necessary to prevent the spread of the disease to other family members.

A medical mask for children must meet the main requirement: to adhere to the surface of the face as much as possible, so the use of ordinary adult masks may be not only useless, but also harmful. The large free volume of air that accumulates between the inner surface of the mask and the baby's face quickly becomes warm and humid, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. From a means of protection, a mask turns into a potential health hazard. Therefore, children's medical masks are produced in smaller sizes compared to adult samples (120-140 mm by 80-90 mm).

Another important requirement for masks for children is their lightness and hypoallergenicity. Our "Baby" masks have a comfortable shape, do not disturb the child. They are made from modern innovative materials specifically designed for medical products.

Recommended use time: 2 hours.

The medical disposable mask "Children's" offered by us, while maintaining all the qualities and characteristics of our masks in terms of air permeability, hypoallergenicity, protective properties and ease of wearing, takes into account the peculiarities of the structure of children: due to its size and flexible nasal retainer, it provides a more snug fit to the child's face and, therefore, it better protects it from viruses and bacteria.

Product dimensions:

width: 140 mm
height: 90 mm
Production options:

- cardboard packaging 50pcs / pack. (2000 pcs / transport box)
- polyethylene packing 50pcs / pack. (3000 pcs / transport box)
- individual packing (package with euro-suspension), 5 pcs / pack. (300 pack / transport box)
All the necessary information is printed on the group packaging.