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Duck Beak Respirators

SENSE professional respirator masks in the form of a "duck beak" are ready-to-use, multi-layer, horizontally folding, disposable half masks for medical use.
Medical device RU No. RZN 2017/5257 dated 01/13/2017
The design of the half mask provides a large filtering surface for the inhaled air, which significantly reduces the breathing resistance of a person on inhalation.

The layer of the half mask adjacent to the face is made of a hypoallergenic polymer material that does not cause skin irritation, is dense and soft, which ensures a good adhesion of the half mask to the face.

The filtering layer is made using the technology of applying a static charge, which ensures the repulsion of all types of contaminants.

They can be equipped with an exhalation valve to ensure a quick change of inhaled and exhaled air, so that CO2, heat and moisture do not accumulate in the undermask space, which provides a decrease in the load on the heart muscle and increased comfort during prolonged use.

Suitable for use when working with highly pathogenic microorganisms, if it is necessary to provide a high degree of protection for both the doctor and the patient.

Recommended for use in everyday life when processing garden plants from pests, when cleaning premises using chemical. funds.

Suitable for any type of face, they have a universal size: 20.0 cm x 9.5 cm (length x width).

Release options:

- 3 or 4 layers;
- with or without an exhalation valve;
- with or without a filter containing carbon powder or fibrous carbon.

Packing options:
individual p / e - 1 pc / unit;
group polyethylene - 25 pcs / unit
- without valve - 500 packs in a transport box
- with valve - 250 packs in a transport box.