Nonwoven filtration half-masks


3- or 4-ply respirator mask. Can be fitted with an exhalation valve.

3- or 4-ply respirator mask with carbon powder or fibrous carbon filter. Can be fitted with an exhalation valve.

Ready-to-use, multi-layer, horizontal-fold filtering medical half-mask.

The unique design ensures a tight facial seal, blocking the air from the area between the mask and the face. Improved conical shape creates a large breathing chamber. This healthcare aid does not touch the mouth or become wet, resulting in a longer life time. Plus, the mask has a very low breathing resistance and allows you to talk while wearing it.

Elastic head straps secure the mask to the back of your head, with no uncomfortable pressure on your ears.

Flexible nose piece fits the bridge of the nose perfectly, while a soft pad ensures that the mask custom-fits any face.

For extra air flow, an exhalation valve can be added to the lower part of the mask. The valve design ensures that the air is exhaled away from the working area.

The exhalation valve prevents heat and moisture from accumulating in the breathing chamber which guarantees comfortable usage for prolonged periods.

One-size respirators fit comfortably on all faces.

Size (length х width): 22.0 cm х 9.5 cm

This duckbill mask features a unique manufacturing technology that involves rolling three layers of soft and flexible materials. Unlike conventional material joining methods (gluing-heating-sewing), this technology creates a soft and comfortable mask.

The respirators are made from high-quality synthetic non-woven material that reduces the wearer’s risk of exposure to body liquids and aerosols and filters bacteria.

The inner layer is made from advanced hypoallergenic filtering material that eliminates the risk of skin irritation. Soft and thick, it gives a firm and comfortable fit.

Water body reaction (рН) 6.7+-0.1 (neutral)

Shelf life: 7 years

Packaging: 50 pcs/pack, 2000 pcs/box. Other packaging options are available.

Application: indispensable means of infection prevention in healthcare, industrial, educational facilities, and other public places. Reduces airborne concentrations of aerosols and hazardous contaminants. Protects from irritants and allergens (pet hair, pollen, etc.).

Applicable during welding works (as protection from welding fumes and ozone), painting and varnishing, galvanizing, in ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry, machine building, ship building, and foundry production.

Medical product RU No. РЗН 2017/5257 from 13.01.2017

The product complies with the following standards: GOST 14192, GOST 7933, GOST 91425, GOST 3813, GOST 938.17, GOST R 53228, GOST R 50444, GOST R 50444, GOST EN 13795-2-2011, GOST R ISO 15223-1-2014, GOST 31508-2012

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