Activated carbon surgical masks

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Disposable masks with activated carbon filter series "SENSE carbon"

The protective medical masks series SENSE carbon filter uses a unique material consisting of a fibrous activated carbon. Technological features of the filter material is that it contains 99.5% of pure carbon and has a highly sorbing surface. One gram of this material is able to capture up to 200 mg. harmful substances. The main characteristic of the activated carbon - the ability to absorb all harmful to humans impurities (gases, particulates, bacteria and viruses ...).

The main advantages of medical masks Series Sense Carbon:

- Helps clean the air of harmful and unpleasant odors; (carbon monoxide, benzene, pairs of organic salts, acid vapors, the heavy components of tobacco smoke, nicotine, radioactive elements, mercury vapor, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, essential oil, aromatic hydrocarbons, phenol, formaldehyde, ...)

- Bacteria, viruses and molecules removed contaminants are retained on the surface of activated coal intermolecular forces of Van der Waals forces, thus masks series SENSE prevent the penetration of harmful carbon particles, molecules, and viruses through the filter element. Submikrochastits filtration efficiency even up to 0.01 mm 99%

- Let 'screening' of pollutants into the environment after use masks - Recommended time up to 6 hours.


Required method for preventing infections in the medical, industrial, educational and consumer organizations. Protection from harmful air pollutants including vapors and gases released during handling and chemical concentrates. reagents. Prevents the spread of highly microorganisms after disposal of the mask.

Ideal for everyday use in the air smoke from forest fires and smoldering peat bogs.

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