surgical headwear

surgical headwear — SENSE professional

Medical mob cap

Medical mob cap - SENSE professional

- 19 inches

- Spunbond nonwoven material

- 14 g/m2 or 17 g/m2   

- Colour: Blue, White, Pink, Green

Disposable mob cap are made from 100 % non woven material. It has complete hair covering made from soft comfortable, thermally bonded light polypropylene fibre with an encapsulated elastic edge.

The high air permeability provides good ventilation to the head.

Suitable for use in electronic manufacturing, restaurants, food processing and hospital.

Bouffant style mob cap

Bouffant style mob cap - SENSE professional

- 21 inches

- Spunbond nonwoven material

- 14g/m3

- Colour: Blue

The primary function of headwear is to provide complete containment of the hair, preventing the migration of skin scales and hair particles. Premier mob caps are manufactured from breathable, spunbound, non-woven polypropylene material designed with generous sizing to enable a variety of hair styles to be restrained comfortably. These lightweight fabrics prevent the passage of minute particles whilst allowing the scalp to breathe.

Surgical cap

Surgical cap - SENSE professional

- 25,2 x 5,5 inches

- Spunbond nonwoven material

- 25 g/m3

- Colour: Blue

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