Shoe — SENSE professional
From 30 000 rubles. The turnover per month.
From 70 000 rubles. The turnover per month
From 200 000 rubles. The turnover per month.

Shoe "Standard 20" Weight g.20 1.6-1.8 microns. Goal.

(50/3500 steam), 0.07 m3 and 9.6 kg

0.80 rub. / couple
0.67 rub. / couple
0.65 rub. / couple
0.63 rub. / couple

Shoe "Especially strong 30" 30MKM. Goal Weight 4 g.

(50 / 3000par) 0,1m3, 7.0 kg.

1.25 rub. / couple
1.10 rub. / couple
1.05 rub. / couple
1.00 rub. / couple

Shoe "Extra strong 50" Weight 6g. 45 microns goal.

(250 / 1500par) 0,1m3, 9,2kg

2.00 rub. / couple
1.81 rub. / couple

1.76 rub. / couple

1.70 rub. / couple

At the order of 500 000 pairs, the price contractual.
Provided discounts depending on the volume.
For regular customers deferred payment.

Shoe covers are disposable slippers to be worn over street shoes. They prevent dirt from entering the premises and microbes.

For a long time to perform these tasks used indoor shoes, but disposable shoe covers - it's more efficient and simple way to maintain sterility in the institution. Shoe covers are used in hospitals, clinics, physician visits the patient at home. Sometimes people buy them to visit swimming pools, museums, educational institutions, and so on. D.

Disposable shoe covers

In most cases, shoe covers made from nonwoven material - polyethylene. Modern medical shoe covers can be high or low, with strings or rubber that acts as a preservative. They differ, and the density of the material.

Pick up a "Shoes" should be based on its purpose. For example, for hospital workers need durable shoe St. Petersburg, and visitors can enjoy the products of small thickness made of polyethylene, which are low cost.


As mentioned above, the shoe - it is a great alternative to a removable shoes. Firstly, with them there is no need to wear a bag with slippers. Second, it is easier to put on shoe covers - do not spend extra time pereobuvaniya. Third, they effectively protect the room from dirt. That is why most people are trying to buy a shoe to visit hospitals and other places where it is required to maintain the purity and sterility.

What our company has to offer?

Our company sells disposable products: hats, masks and, of course, shoe covers. You can purchase the ordinary and heavy-duty shoe wholesale. Depending on the amount of the order, the buyer can get a discount, and patrons the delay of payment.

Our advantages are obvious - it is:

affordable price;

high quality;

purchased any size party;

discounts depending on the volume of purchases.

We are committed to long-term and trusting relationship with each customer and to fulfill all its obligations.

* Company "Mask" implements various shoe manufacturers.

Ltd. "The Mask" does not manufacture its own shoe production.

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Currently, we do not have medical masks in free sale. New orders are temporarily not accepted: our factory works under previously concluded contracts for delivery to pharmacy chains and hospitals.

To purchase products, we recommend contacting other Russian manufacturers of medical masks: LLC Kit, LLC Clover, LLC SpetsMedZashita, LLC PharmGlobal, the association of manufacturers ZdravMedTech, etc.

Be careful! Fraud in the sale of medical masks increased