Dental Cotton Rolls

priceorder Dental Cotton Rolls — SENSE professional

Non-sterile dental cotton rolls

Manufactured by SENSE

Size: 10x38 mm

Made from 100% cotton


  • polypropylene packaging - 2000 pcs. (10 pack. / 20 000 pieces)
  • cardboard packaging - 2000 pcs. (4 500 pieces each) (8 pack. / 16 000 pieces)

All necessary information is applied on group packing.


Made of 100% absorbent cotton, bleached without chlorine. Do not contain cellulose and synthetic fibers.

Highly absorbent.

Easy to use and comfortable for the patient because of good flexibility, medium stiffness, easily fit in the mouth and maintain shape when wet.

Eco friendly product, does not contain chemical additives.

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