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Non-sterile dental cotton rolls

Non-sterile dental cotton rolls

Medical device, RU No. RZN 2016/3770 dated 02.29.2016

Manufacturer: SENSE

Size: 10x38 mm

Composition: 100% cotton

Production options:

• polypropylene packaging - 2000 pcs / pack. (10 packs / 20,000 pcs. - transport box)

• cardboard packaging - 2000 pcs / pack. (4 x 500 pcs) (8 packs / 16,000 pcs. - transport box)

All the necessary information is printed on the group packaging.


Made from 100% absorbent cotton, bleached without chlorine. Does not contain cellulose and synthetic fibers.

They are distinguished by high hygroscopicity (absorbency) and whiteness.

Convenient to use and comfortable for the patient: they have good flexibility, medium rigidity, easily fit in the mouth and retain their shape when exposed to saliva.

Wrapped with polypropylene film (50 pcs.), Allowing autoclaving. The film does not melt, it can withstand pressures up to 2.2 atm. and temperatures up to 132 degrees C.

Environmentally friendly product, does not contain chemical additives.