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SENSE professional filtering half masks for protection against aerosols and dust

Personal respiratory protection. Standard: TR TS 19/2011. GOST 12.4.294-2015

SENSE professional half masks are designed to protect the human respiratory system from aerosols, solid and liquid substances, smoke, dust, pollen and microorganisms in the air of domestic and industrial premises. Protect from allergens of animal and plant origin, from infections transmitted by airborne droplets.


- 3 or 4 layers;
- with or without an exhalation valve;
- protection class FFP1 or FFP2; - in individual or group packaging
Filtering efficiency class FFP1 - protection degree up to 4 MPC.

Applications: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food industry, work with powdered chemicals.

Filtering efficiency class FFP2 - protection level up to 12 MPC.

Applications: mining, metallurgical, food, woodworking, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, work with powdered chemicals.

Packing options:

individual p / e - 1 pc / unit;
group polyethylene - 25 pcs / unit
- p / masks without valve - 500 packs in a transport box
- sealed masks with a valve - 250 packs in a transport box.

Half masks are suitable for any type of face, have a universal size: 20.0 cm x 9.5 cm (length x width).

SENSE professional half masks are ready-to-use, horizontally foldable filter respirators - disposable, suitable for use within one work shift.

The design of the half mask provides a large filtering surface for the inhaled air, which significantly reduces the breathing resistance of a person on inhalation.

The layer of the half mask adjacent to the face is made of a hypoallergenic polymer material that does not cause skin irritation, is dense and soft, which ensures a good adhesion of the half mask to the face.

The inner layer of the half mask is made on the basis of an electrostatic filtering material made of ultra-thin polypropylene fibers.

The exhalation valve allows to reduce the breathing resistance of a person on exhalation, and also helps to remove moisture and heat from the undermask space, which avoids moistening the filter material and increases the time of effective operation of the half mask.

Meet the requirements: GOST 12.4.294-2015. EAC certificate download